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At Epilipe, I believe in the power of sustainability and the beauty of reuse. My passion is to create high-quality children's clothing with a positive impact on both the planet and the generations of tomorrow. How do I achieve this? Let me take you on my mission. 

Deadstock Materials and Sustainable Fabrics 

My garments are crafted using deadstock materials and sustainable fabrics. But what does that mean exactly? Deadstock fabrics are the remnants from fabric suppliers and designers that would otherwise go to waste. I believe it's a shame to discard these materials, so I gladly take them in and give them a life. 

My sustainable fabrics are carefully chosen to be not only comfortable and stylish but also kind to our planet. I collaborate with suppliers who share the same dedication to providing environmentally responsible materials, and we are both committed to reducing the environmental impact of the clothing industry. 

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Limited Edition: A Unique Style 

Another advantage of using deadstock materials is that my designs are limited edition. This means that every item you purchase from me is unique and cannot be reordered. You can be sure of an exclusive style that you won't find on every street corner. 

Give Preloved Items a Fresh Start 

At Epilipe, I also encourage my customers to participate in our sustainability mission. Do you have preloved items that you no longer wear? Bring them to me, and we will transform them into the styles we offer. Together, we contribute to a circular fashion industry and reduce waste.