Epilipe founder

My Story

My love for fashion runs deep, but it hasn't always been an easy relationship. the longer I worked in product development, I realized the industry's fast-paced nature was at odds with my desire for timeless, slow fashion pieces. The constant cycle of brands releasing multiple collections each year solely based on fleeting trends left me feeling disenchanted.   


Motivated by my daughter Madée and driven by the need for change, I embarked on a mission to design fashion for kids that blends style and sustainability. I wanted to make garments that celebrated individuality, allowing children to express their unique personalities while wearing thoughtfully crafted, timeless pieces.   

Through my journey, I have come to appreciate the power of slow fashion and its ability to foster a more sustainable industry. By prioritizing materials, fit, and conscious design choices, I hope to inspire others to rethink their approach to fashion and join the movement towards a more mindful and responsible future.   

Together, we can make a difference, one stylish and sustainable garment at a time.